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  • Rivas Vaciamadrid MADRID, 28522
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The CHEMICALS COMPANIES GROUP SATECMA, from the beginning of it activities in 1976 as Spanish independent company, has come developing the project of foundation to give form to an organization of national area, with entrepreneurship and intention of attacking the international markets, which has allowed us to sell in more than 60 countries of the whole world.

We might define the CHEMICALS COMPANIES GROUP SATECMA like a company in constant innovation, which takes care of the Environment and in permanent search of the Excellence. Our better letter of introduction they are the million square meters treated with our waterproofing ones, both like cement and acrylic, epoxi, etc., successfully, lengthways and width of the whole world, with thousands of references of the most important companies of our country and products authorized in different countries, fulfilling the most demanding standards worldwide.

Our founder

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The effort and the dedication have taken us to the point in which we are after 35 years on the market and are going to continue being the engine that stimulates us to continue our development and growth ad æternum.

D. Omar Cuadrado Reyes

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  • Certificaciones

    Satecma has nationwide and worldwide certifications that ensure quality and reliability of our products.

  • Applications

    Satecma Aplicaciones arises within the Group, as a specialized company to provide advanced technology solutions for the protection and waterproofing of all types of applications.

  • Medio Ambiente
    Environmental commitment

    Only when the last river have been poisoned, cut the last tree and killed the last fish, men will realize that not everything money can buy.

    Chief Seattle to the United States Congress, 1854