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PRODUCT Nº: 1519

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Efficient varnish for antigraffiti protection which acts by forming a film on the surface to be protected.
TECMA PAINT ANTIGRAFFITI can be applied on most of the materials used in construction, such as brick, stone, concrete, cement, granite, etc.
The protection is got when the film is formed on the surface to be protected. When graffiiti get made, they would remain on the varnish, not fixing to the protected support.
In order to remove the graffiti, it´ll be enough to rub with a cloth soaked in our cleaner TECMA SOL AP until it´s completely removed.
It´s also possible to spray our cleaner on the graffiti until softening it, passing a cloth afterwards in order to remove the paint remainings.

Composition: Chemical crosslinking two-component varnish.
Appearance: Gloss, matte, satin.
Components: Two, Base and Hardener.
Drying times at 20ºC, 55% R.H.: Touch 3-4 hours. Hard 24 hours. Totally cured 7 days.Repainting: Min. 16 hours., Max. 48 hours.
Mixture proportions: One component of Base and one container of Hardener. (2 parts (weight) Base and 1 part (weight) Hardener)
Application: Wool roller, brush or gun.
Number of recommended coats: Two.
In porous supports such as concrete, cement, brisk, artificial stone, etc., it´s necessary to apply first a coat of ANTIGRAFFITI PRIMER as penetrating and sealing primer. Apply afterwards one or two coats of TECMA PAINT ANTIGRAFFITI, depending on the roughness of the support. In order to avoid changing of support colour, apply a coat of IMPRIMACION A and apply TECMA PAINT ANTIGRAFFITI afterwards.
Cleaning solvent for dilution: TECMA SOL UP
Theoretical yield: 7 m2/kg at 50 microns dry film thickness.

The yield is calculated according to a formula without considering porosity and roughness of the support, method of application, losses during application, weather conditions, etc.



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