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Synthetic grease with no dropping point, especially designed for bearings and gears, whose working temperatures are between-5 ºC and +750 ºC.
GREASSE 550 has an excellent water resistance and good EP properties, enhanced with its high contents in molybdenum bisulphide.
The low volatility of the synthetic oil allows longer periods between oilings compared with most of similar greases.

  • Bears the most difficult working conditions for bearings.
  • Resists pressures up to 100 lb/plg2.
  • Has good oxidation stability, thus supplying excellent corrosion protection for contact surfaces.
  • It does not come out of bearings, thus not allowing dirt coming in.
  • It does not get dry or hardened.
  • It does not get emulsified or washed in the presence of water.
  • Resists water, steam or salt more than most of greases.


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