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PROQUIL-ABRILLANTADOR is an admixture for the final rinsing water in cleaning equipments for dishes, in industry and homes. When added to the water of the final rinsing, it removes remains from the previous rinsings, the last dirt and detergent remains.
It has a liquid appearance, with a blue colour and characteristic scent. Its composition is based on a combination of non-ionic tensoactives with low foam and high humidifying power in an alcoholic aqueous medium with an acid character.
The main function of PROQUIL-ABRILLANTADOR, formulated for drying and polishing, is enhancing the humidifying properties and reducing the tendency of the rinsing water to forming little drops, with salts in solution, on the surfaces. After drying, they would leave stains. At the same time, by reducing the water surface tension, provides a faster drying. On the other hand, PROQUIL-ABRILLANTADOR when used at the temperatures for which it has been designed, has a low foam forming power and, since it avoids the forming of foam on the pieces after rinsing, it also avoids the possibility of this foam leaving remains after water vaporisation.
PROQUIL-ABRILLANTADOR avoids the appearing of the non-desirable "veils" and "eyes" on dishes after drying.
N.R.S.: 37.00207/M-01587

The using of PROQUIL-ABRILLANTADOR provides:

  • High final gloss.
  • A faster and more uniform drying.
  • Low doses
  • High rentability and economy.

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SATECMA, and all their corporative group, considers that the protection of natural means is an essential aspect and is committed to reduce all the potentially existing focuses of infection, although, the general incidence of its activities of design, product production, storage and distribution is reduced as far as its consequences.

Along the life cycle of the products designed, manufactured and distributed by SATECMA, passing by their use, destruction or residue, our service vocation will emphasize conceiving technologies, processes and materials which are safe and clean from an environmental point of view.