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COOL-TRAT is a concentrated glycol-based, anti-freezing agent, especially suited for using in closed circuits. It´s admixtured with a group of corrosion inhibitors (nitrite free) which are especially stable and balanced, thus guaranteeing anti-corrosion protection on cooling circuits walls where, sometimes, the working temperatures reach 120 ºC
COOL-TRAT is especially formulated to be diluted by mixing with any type of water in order to get the protection temperature needed, depending on the proportion of COOL-TRAT.
The range of protections which can be achieved depending on the proportion of water and COOL-TRAT may reach temperatures lower than -40 ºC, and at the same time, boiling points higher than 130 ºC can also be achieved.

COOL-TRAT due to its special formulation allows:

  • Using always diluted with water.
  • Possibility of adjusting the protection level.
  • Dilution in any type of water.
  • Free of low boiling point products.
  • High anti-corrosive power.
  • Low foam-forming power.

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Environmental commitment

SATECMA, and all their corporative group, considers that the protection of natural means is an essential aspect and is committed to reduce all the potentially existing focuses of infection, although, the general incidence of its activities of design, product production, storage and distribution is reduced as far as its consequences.

Along the life cycle of the products designed, manufactured and distributed by SATECMA, passing by their use, destruction or residue, our service vocation will emphasize conceiving technologies, processes and materials which are safe and clean from an environmental point of view.